Copywriting and treatments.Where the film is born.


Translating the concept into images.Where the film takes shape.

post production

Editing, visual effects and finishing.Where the magic is added.

We are visualstorytellers.

On a mission.

We are working hard to make visual communication extremely enjoyable for the audience resulting in measurable results for our clients.

Our approach.

We design images in motion to create visual experiences that touch people's hearts and minds. Reaching communication goals through artistic refinement.

Dirk is a director with vast experience in post production.He is a former visual effects supervisor and knows the the whole pipeline first hand. This proves to be very useful in many situations, from planning and budgeting to on-set supervising and final artistic post-supervision.

Let ustell your story.

Collaboration is the key. Creating a mix of great professionals and injecting projects with the necessary spice to stand out in an ever growing world of moving images.


An idea is born


We develop concepts and transform them into scripts. Every brand, every social film and event needs an individual approach.

Standing out is what we want from our films for our clients.
Sometimes with a loud voice, sometimes with a whisper.

How would we do that?

The treatment

A treatment needs to be carefully crafted. This is where the idea come to life.
We think a treatment needs to be very visual and let the viewer understand the film, even without reading every last line. Only then he is motivated to understand the approach in depth.
The treatment is like the final film: it needs to keep the attention high.


Long standing experience


We are intrigued by the beauty of images and the worlds they create.
Working for acclaimed international brands is our daily bread.

Dirk's extensive experience in production, CGI and visual effects supervising is a rock-solid base for the most demanding directing projects. It always proves to be unique and precious when planning projects and greatly helps decision making on set.

Specialized work with a vast first-hand background knowledge - a sophisticated recipe for a stunning film.

Translating ideas to images


We produce live action, CGI and motion graphics films putting the best possible team together to suit the project at hand.

Various sizes of productions can be handled: small ones that range from one-man bands or skeleton crews to large scale productions with full-on teams and heavy duty equipment.

post production


Visual effects, motion graphics, finishing

We produce visual effects and motion graphics with our international team. Many years of experience in various international facilities have generated a very high level of experience and expertise.
We either put the team together specifically for the project or work with our trusted friend-studios, artistically supervising the entire process and guaranteeing the delivery of a quality product.

The whole directing and post-production process can be tailored into a package.
Nevertheless we also work with local, client chosen vfx and post-houses. Whatever suits the project's and client's needs.