... because two is better than one

With years of flying solo as commercial director and assistant director we finally joined forces to double our impact on the film and TV industry to work as a team. We can hardly tell if it was our passion for well developed and exciting concepts or our enthusiasm for film and TV in common that got us synced the very first moment we met. It’s both that got us addicted to the moving images. We are happy to share some of our work.

Dirk Meister

Dirk is an international award winning creative director and director. His activities include the development and production of TV-programs, TV-commercials, film projects and music videos.

In addition to his passion for directing he has managed large teams in advertising and content production in the role of Executive producer and Head of Film for many years .

Dirk's creative work is a combination of sophisticated visuals, considered composition, and nuanced storytelling - strongly anchored in the world of moving images.

He manages strategy and production, overseeing projects from the very beginning to final delivery.

A longstanding agency experience and his role as visual effects supervisor completes his intimate knowledge of the whole advertising and filmmaking pipeline.

Dirk works on a wide variety of projects covering a broad range of media channels.

Nada Yammine

Nada is a successful international producer and assistant director with deep roots in the middle east.

She has worked on many TV-commercials, music videos and TV-shows like The Voice, X-Prank Show, هبوط إضطراري, Questions Pour Un Champion, Men El Ekhir, and many more.

She has closely collaborated with esteemed celebrities like Hani Ramzi, Pierre Rabbat,

...نجوى كرم، زياد الرحباني، كاظم الساهر، صابر الرباعي، نانسي عجرم، تامر حسني، رحمة رياض

Nada is the one that makes things work, the one that pushes and pulls, making sure everything is on time and in place.

She's the engine of the projects, giving also precious creative input in crucial moments.

Many international projects often executed in Lebanon, Bahrein, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia make her an important professional adding to her international experience extended local knowledge.