Tv commercials

The big show

Commercials have always been an important channel to create brand awareness and get information to the customer quickly and effectively. Our vast experience and highly creative approach help creating excellent visual products.

Long standing experience


We are intrigued by the beauty of images and the worlds they create.
Working for Acclaimed international brands is our daily bread.
Dirk is a director with extensive experience in fashion photography, CGI and as visual effects supervisor. This proves to be a unique and precious experience when planning projects and greatly helps decision making and on set.
He is also a keen mix between his two major cultural influences: German thoroughness and Italian flexibility.

Corporate film

Straight forward communication

Corporate film is an way to tell your clients what your product and your company is all about. In times of omni-present social media people are very used to moving images - film or video. This is much more appealing than simple images. Clients and business partners can quickly and effortless get the information you need them to have. If tailored the right way - it may even go viral.


Visual effects, motion graphics, finishing.

We produce visual effects and motion graphics with our international team. Many years of experience in various international facilities have generated a very high level of experience and expertise.
The whole post-production process can be handled and tailored into a package.
Nevertheless we also work with local vfx and post-houses. Whatever suits the project's and client's needs.