Trade and Exhibition Shows

We create a uniquemultimedia experience

Exhibition booth and moving images: an exciting way of communicating for your client.
With our longstanding experience in realizing creative content for a vast variety of events we are able to help you create a unique user experience tailored especially for your client's business.
Scenic and immersive backdrops which seamlessly integrate in the exhibition booth’s structure and graphical layout as well as fine tuned video integration effectively adds value to your design and your client's mission.

Small scale multimedia content

Augmented user experience

With our knowledge and our creativity you will be able to offer your clients the means to add exciting and fascinating ways to comunicate his products and services. We can help you to enrich your static and graphical information that you plan and design for your clients.
Animated information with charts and figures with rich informational content as well as commercials and emotionally suggestive product presentations in broadcast quality.

Striking content for a medium format

At the center of your communication

We create high visibility for your clients even in a relatively small form factor.
If you want to support a corporate message with either emotional content or by attracting attention with exciting multimedia, together we can develop the best strategy for exposed medium format projections. From subtle blending in to the booth's visual concept up to creating explicit visibility.

Offering video content in an concentrated but exposed position at the heart of your exhibition booth will allow you to give your clients once more the possibility to enhance his comunication with the visitors.

Now you see me

Prominent and dynamic storefront

On the first glance your client’s booth will stand out with large dynamic content for his corporate and brand signatures.
This big banner solution is just amazing: involving, compelling and exclusive.
Besides showing the brand's visual identity the possibilities extend from scenic decorative uses up to showing off product information and even direct messages for visitors of the exhibition who are in range of sight.

Large scale projections or LED-wall integration

Immerse in emotions

Immersive backdrops change everything, literally and effectivley.
We can change the entire booth’s outfit with an immersive approach and large scale projections or LED walls - and animate it.
With our creative content which we produce in compliance with your design it will be possible to inject life into exsisting hard printed graphics or even create a completly immersive approach with large scale projections of visual content.